New Blog – Who Dis?

Hell if I know. I’m having a moment in time; I’ve spent 30 years trying to do something ‘big’, thinking that change only comes in tsunamis rather than ripples. Pretty counter to who I am as a professional. Professionally, as someone who supports students and communities in making social change, I try to highlight the little victories and show everyone how vital they are. For anyone trying to do this in their own lives, I highly recommend reading Soul of a Citizen by Paul Loeb- I think it should be mandatory reading for everyone.

Homesteading is teaching me those same lessons. On our two acres I can create the world I think we need; warm and welcoming, goofy and forgiving, sustainable and beautiful.

“Right. Me and another million bloggers,” I crankily say to myself in the shower.

“You follow a ton of these accounts already, and they’re domestic goddesses- churning pies and baking butter or whatever. You’re a scrappy, disaster-prone girl from Brooklyn whose best attempt at homesteading has been shopping at LLBean. What do you have to share?”

Maybe that’s it. That’s it right there.

I’m not the Pioneer Woman or Joanna Gaines (though I have alters both on my pinterest). I’m the #pinterestfails version of Ree and Joanna. And if you sometimes scroll through your feeds and wish you were more polished, more perfect; if you wish your instagram had an HGTV filter that would just slap some reclaimed wood and succulents on every picture- well I’m right there with you.

So if you’re looking for expert tips and tricks, you might want to keep scrolling. Here? Here you’re going to get snarky, you’re going to get goofy, you’re going to get vulnerable. I’m going to share what I learn by trial and error- and I’m sure there will be a lot more errors than anything! Often after a couple glasses of wine. And it’s going to be an absolute blast.

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